2nd MWF Christapol [2]

2nd MWF Christapol  [Fact 53] 15j 1944 [3]
1st MWF 15J  3rd Q 1940 [1]

1st MWF 15J  3rd Q 1940 [``Coffee Can`` type case] [1] SOLD

2nd MWF Christapol  1941.[``Coffee Can`` type case] [2] SOLD
2nd MWF Christapol [Fact` 53] 15j 1944`[``Coffee Can`` type case] [3]
Size comparison early Gostrest and type1 SOLD

Example of ``Coffee can`` type cases. Picture is taken from Russian Museum Display.[Picture Courtesy Dimitry  http://ussr-watches.ru/  ]
``Coffee Can`` type 1 Case, on display Russian Museum.Pictures courtesy Dimitry [ http://ussr-watches.ru/ ]
Coffee can type1 on display at Russian Museum.[Pictures courtesy Dimitry http://ussr-watches.ru/]

                                                2nd MWF ``Paratroopers``15j Type1.[Note hand painted dial with number] SOLD
15j movement.
                                           1st MWF Type 1 7j 1937.[Crown replaced] SOLD
7j type 1 movement 1937

Late type 1 [50`s] near end of production 1st or 2nd MWF. Period customized dial from special trading Network.`SPETSTORG TASHKENT`.I have had my doubts about this watch for some time,the case in particular,i prefer the ``coffee can`` type case,[refer my others].
An interesting curiosity!.

Very hard to find these watches in good and original condition,the dials do tend to deteriorate,so get redialled with some quite startling  and imaginative results.I will put up some movement shots soon,you often find recased and redialled moljnas.
I think the ``coffee can`` type case ,pictured on the four type 1`s,are the ones to go for,there are versions with fixed lug type cases,i have never been convinced,all of the photos,i have seen taken in Russian museums,have the Coffee can type case,[see Dimitry`s photo`s].
All of the watches pictured are original,[apart from``Tashkent``],one of them is a Factory 53, a temporary facility of the 2nd Moscow Watch Factory,[moved East during The 2nd World War]which is quite rare,one of the Christapol dials has a number stamped into it,i have never found out the relevance of this.


Gostrest Tochmekh,[Precision Mechanics Cooperative],feintly marked on dial.Very early watch,1930`s,has a swiss movement[Russians imported partly finished swiss movements to alleviate watch shortages]..
Solid silver Pensa watch factory

Generic silver Russian Hallmarks
15j cal;1802

Lenningrad marked dial,Pensa 15j movement.
Pensa watch factory 3rd Q 1952