Slava Dual Time Railway Watch   SOLD                   [1]
                                                                                                    SOLD                   [1]
                                                                                                     SOLD                   [1]
                                            Slava. 17 jewel cal;1601 Ladies Movements  SOLD    [1]
                                                                                                     SOLD                    [1]
                                            Slava Case Back.                                SOLD                  [1]

                                            Extremely Rare 1938 1st MWF 8 Day aircraft Chronograph [2]
                                            [2] Case back. [Including Phillips screws!]
                                            [2] Gold plated Movement, Based on Jaeger Chronoflight.

                                            60 second Slava split second stopwatch [3]


5498 20j 30 sec` Split second Chronograph stopwatch  [4]

[2] . 1st Moscow Watch Factory. 8 Day Aircraft Chronograph, from 1938.
In the early 30`s the Soviets acquired a quantity of Jaeger Chronoflight Aircraft clocks. In about 1937 they started manufacture at 1st Moscow Watch Factory. A rare clock

[1]. Extremely rare Slava dual time Railway watch. Eccentric Russian watch making at its finest!

Some Slava split second chronographs,once again,very underrated,pretty bombproof,[the reset lever can give problems,i actually use the 60 sec` ones all the time,for timing my e.bay bids,....i know  i know a bit sad....a bit more fun though than using a sniping service.They can still be bought for a reasonable amount,although,the 60 sec` ones are much rarer and harder to find,i have seen many of the 60 sec` ones marked as cal;5498,[see no`3].