1st MWF. Tutima. [Glashutte]. UROFA Flyback Chronograph [1]*

                                           Side view with original pushers and crown [1]*
                                           Side view case. [1]*

                                           1st MWF Tutima Case back [1] *
                                           1st MWF Tutima Movement. Cal;59 . 21 jewels [1]*
                                  1st MWF Cyrillic Strela. [Note correct, original rounded lugs] [2]
                                      Original dial in great condition. Original [worn] Crown. [2]
                                           Early Movement.[note early 1st MWF mark]
                                           Balance has been replaced. [Note later prod`No`s] [2]                                         
                                           1st MWF Sekonda Cal;3017 Black Dial. [3]
                                                                         Generic Case back       [3]

Cal;3017 Movement from mid 60`s note 1st mwf mark  [3]

                                            1st MWF Poljot Cal 3017 Black Dial             [4]
Cal; 3017, Late Movement, 1970`s        [4]
                                                   Correct Case crown and pushers             [4]
                                                                       Generic Casback                   [4]

                                            Poljot "Export". Minute register Dial.[5]    
                                               Cal; 3017 movement. [1000`s. Early 60`s] [5]

                                           1st MWF Chronograph .Cal;3017                     [6]
                                             Cal;3017 movement.[1000`s .Early 60`s].                        [6]
                                            1st MWF Sekonda white Dial.                             [7]
                                             Cal 3017 Movement. 1970`s                           [7]

                                           Refurbished. Early Case. Late movement and dial
                                           Reproduction Central seconds hand. [Early dials
                                           Tend to deteriorate]                                          [8]
                                           Generic Case back                                             [8]
                                          Early movement.Note 1st MWF Mark. Balance Replaced [8]                                                       

                                           Early Cyrillic Poljot Minute counter dial.
                                           Note early type Lugs                                        [9]
                                           Nice early cal;3017 Movement                         [9]
                                            Generic Case back                                            [9]

Since i have been collecting Russian watches,the Cal; 3017`s have become increasingly collectible,so much so prices have risen quite alarmingly.
They were originally military/Government issue,[based on Venus caliber],then became available to the public,both at home and overseas.

Various versions were taken into space at various times,including allegedly,on the the first space walk by Aleksej Leonov.

The caliber 3017 was eventually superseded by the calibre;3133.

They are one of my favorite Russian watches,very understated and easy to wear.

No`s 2 is an original Cyrillic Strela.[Note early rounded lugs]

No`1 * Original. 1st MWF Tutima UROFA Cal ;59 21 jewels.

After the war the Soviets seized the Glashutte based Tutima`s factory as war reparations, and shipped the contents from Glashutte to Moscow, [1st MWF]. At first, [1947], the watches were made up of original Tutima parts, but from about 1949, the Soviets, started manufacturing, the components themselves from the captured German machinery, and signing the movements.

This original watch is an early version, about 1947 with unsigned  movement taken from Tutima`s factory and assembled with signed [1st MWF] Dial, in Moscow.