OKEAH AND SHTURMANSKIE. Cal; 3133 / 3132 / 31659


                                            1st MWF Okeah [ Note small font, off white lume] [1]
                                             Early Squared 4 Bezel.Type 2 Early Dial.
                                           Early  Okeah case back with stamped number. [1]
                                           Original early 3132 movement.
                                            Stainless steel case and pushers                        [1]
Stainless steel case                 [1]

1st MWF Okeah 2nd Gen` original bezel reinstated.[supplied by Mischa]. [2]
Dial type 3.
                                           With non original Purple Bezel.[now replaced] [2] 

                                                      Generic Okeah Case back [2]
                                  Poljot 3133 cal`  Movement. Note two piece reset lever [2]
                                           Selection of early Okeah dials. [1early to 4 late]
                                           1st MWF Shturmanskie . Cal; 3133  [3]
                                           Early Cal; 3133 movement. Note two piece reset lever [3]
                                               Stainless steel Case  [3]                                
                                            Generic Shturmanskie Case back. [3]

                                           1st MWF Hacking Shturmanskie Cal;31659 23j   [4]
                                            Cal;31659 movement with Date on bridge [4]
                                            Generic stainless Shturmanskie steel case back [4]
                                             Stainless steel case and pushers [4]

                                          With original strap [4]

I have always preferred the more understated Cal 3017 watches,but there is no denying that the Okeah`s and Shturmanskies,are acquiring quite a following.
It is becoming increasingly difficult,[and expensive]to acquire these iconic watches,particularly the Okeahs.

Picture no,1] is an 2nd generation Okeah, Cal; 3132 [small Okeah font, off white lume purple bezel, which have always been known], with steel Chronograph wheels and of course the two piece reset lever with a nice early movement number as well.
Picture number 2] is also 2nd generation.

No`3 Is the cal;31659,[hacking] Shturmanskie,and is my particular favourite.