Original issued Sturmanski 17j Correct Flat Dial [1]

                                                         Original issued 17j Sturmanskie [1]
                                           Generic 17j Sturmanskie case back with inscription 1957.[1]
                                        Generic 17j Sturmanskie movement.Cal;2634 [re;sportyvnie] [1]
1st MWF 17j Shturmanskie Correct Non Sparkly Dial. [2]

Note Blued Hands [2]

15j Shturmanskie sparkly dial. 3rd q 51  [3]

Movement. 3rd q 51   [3]

15j Shturmanskie. Relumed Hands. Sparkly Dial. 3rd Q 53 [4]
Movement. 3rd q 53. [hacking] geneva stripes. [4]
Shturmanskie 15j. Flat Dial.[only on 15j. 1949/50] [5]
Cal;41m31yh. 1st q 50.[no geneva stripes. years 49/50] [5]
extremely rare czechoslovakian issued shturmanskie  [6]

case back issue marks

15j 1st mwf movement  [3rd q 53
Rare Czechoslovakian Military Issued Pobeda [7]

Movement from 1958 [7]

Extremely Rare "Majetek Vojenske Spravy"Issued Pobeda [8]


              Issued Case back.Note.You never find imprinted case back and dial on same watch.[8]
                                           Movement. 1952  [8]
Czech issued Elchron Factory. stopwatch. Note issue marks on Dial.[12] Same as Pobeda [9]
                                            1st MWF Pobeda.                                             [10]
                                             Cal;    15j Movement. Non Hacking.              [10]

Russian museum display with Gagarin 15j[Note 15j!!] Sturmanskie,with commemorative stamps.[ Picture courtesy Dimitry http://ussr-watches.ru/.]

Pobeda 15j Non Hacking [Blued hands] 1956  [11]



15j Cal;2608. from 3rd Q 56. Non Hacking.  [11]


                                           Rare 15j Pobeda 3rd q 1956 [12]
                                            Original Sportivnie style Case back [12]
                                            Cal; 2608     15j non hacking movement.                [12]
                                         Original Radium dial and Hands [Same as 17 j Shturmanskie] [12]                  
                                            15j Pobeda [non hacking]                                [13]

                                           Cal;2608       15j Non hacking movement                 [13]                                                                               
                                           Waltham 17j Lend Lease Watch. USA To USSR [14]
                                           17j 6/0 movement [incomplete]                          [14]
                                                   Lend Lease Inscription, Case Back                [14]                                                                                                     

 My favourite Russian watch,[ 3]  [4]  [5] [6]  [7] and [8].15j Hacking Sturmanskie,[41m 31yh],these watches are all original with correct hands,crown,case dial and movements.

These watches would have been issued at flight schools,Gagarin would have been issued with one at Orenburg, on completion of his training.Much imitated and copied it is hard to find  good one.

 Also Pictured[1] and[2] are extremely rare 17j versions,also issued at flight schools,  based on a Sportyvnie hacking movement,Note Blued Hour and Minute Hands.[Difficult to photograph].As i say these  17j versions are  rare,rarer than the 15j version.Unfortunately they are often faked,or made up of two watches,a sportivnie[case and movement],and sadly a 15j sturmanskie,[butchered dial,the dial has to be filed down to fit the smaller 17j version],you can normally tell by how narrow the outer second ring is on the fakes,also check where the end of the minute hand lies in relation to the outer seconds indices. If you look at mine the end of the minute hand,is long enough to protrude into the outer second ring,the fakes often don`t do this.The 17j dials are always flat and not "sparkly".
Some experts think the 17j version is the one Gagarin wore into space.

Pictures [9] [10] [11] Czechoslovakian Military issued Pobedas. These watches are rare particularly number [11] with issue marks on case back. Note you can`t have both on same watch. i.e issue marks on case back and dial.

Pictures   [13]   and [15].  15j Pobedas ,hard to find in this original condition,they are usually used as donor watches[central seconds hand,pillow crown],for other more sought after and expensive Russian watches.

Note these 15j Pobedas are often used in Franken Shturmanskies.

Number [14] is a particularly rare version, Blued Hands are often not present as they are a direct fit for 17j Shturmanskie. I often think that no [14] is a precursor, from 1953, of the 17j Shturmanskies, with its hand set and Sportivnie style case.