1st Generation Vostok Amphibia 300m. Wire Lugs  [1]
Note Thicker raised crystal  [1]
300m. Heavier than standard Case Back  [1]


1st Generation Rare Vostok Amphibia Swing Lugs.  Note Aluminim Bezel.   [2]

1st Generation Rare Latin Case Back  [2]

1st Generation Rare swing Lug Vostok Amphibia  Note Aluminium Bezel  [3]

1st Generation Rare Latin Case Back [3]

                                             Raketa Amphibian cal; 2609 HA movement [4]
                                             Raketa Amphibian Watch. Screw crown [4]
                                                Raketa Generic Amphibian Case back. [4]

                                           Vostok 200m "Swing Lugs" Amphibian [5]
                                           Case side view , Note rounded screw crown [5]
                                           Case side view. [5]
                                           Vostok movement [5]
                                           200m Case back [Latin] [5]

                                     Vostok Amphibian Swing Lugs. Note small dot seconds hand [6]

                                                             Generic 200m case back [6]                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                                            Vostok 200m Swing Lugs Amphibian. Paddle Hands. [7]
                                                                 Generic Case Back [7]
                                           Vostok Komandirskie Gen` 1 Late 60`s          [8]
                                            Cal`; 2214                [8]
                                           Vostok Komandirskie  Gen`; 1 .1960`s          [9]
                                            Inscription on case back [1966]                      [9]
                                           Cal`; 2234 Movement                                       [9]

                                             N.O.S Vostok Amphibia "Radio Room"  [10]
                                                        Generic Case back  [10]
                                                   Vostok Komandirskie 3 Aka Hacking [11]
                                            Komandirskie Case back with Inscription [11]

                                            Poljot 100m Tonneau [12]

                                            100m Case Back [12]
                                         100m Movement[ cal;2616.2H. Note retaining hole on movement ring [12]
                                           Rare Poljot 30j  20 ATM. Amphibian. Poss` Franken [13]
                                            30j Movement [13]
                                            Rare Generic 30j 20 ATM Case Back [13]
                                                                  Rare Case                [13]
                                                                      Rare Case              [13]

                                           Poljot 50m Amphibia 1970`s  [14]

Poljot 100m [wrong] Case back  [14]

Poljot 30j Automatic. screw crown [15]
Rare Original Slava Amphiban. [16]
21 j Movement  [16]

Case Back  [16]

Zarja Womens Amphibian [Screw down crown] Cal;1509 B.1.[17]
Case Back  [17]
Movement.17j Cal;1509b.1    [17]

I am not normally a great admirer of Vostok Amphibia`s,and i only buy watches i like and can wear.But i do love the 200m, swing lugs, [4 , 5 and 6] they are a great size,[unlike the ghastly modern Swiss trend for watches the size of wardrobes!],and look great on the wrist.

The earliest and the rarest,is the type 1 ,wire lugs [1] ,these watches were only issued to the military[possibly 200 pieces] and are much heavier than the other Amphibias,due to there more robust construction,thicker crystal,case back etc,to withstand the extra depth. There is a theory that these watches were issued to individual, ships, as part of there inventory.

.As a matter of interest the reason the Vostoks had swing lugs was because at the time Vostok didn't have the capability to machine the solid stainless lugs,they had many fractures, so retro designed the swing lugs,another great example of Russian problem solving on the hoof.

These Vostoks had space history,a similar one to No` [5] ,MAY, have been worn by Juri Romanenko on Soyus 39.

Slava Amphibian [16] Rare in this original form.

The Poljot Amphibias 12/to 15] are very easy to wear, No 13, is a bit of a conundrum, could be rare, could be Franken!. Note always remember, Vostoks have screw down crowns,the Poljot divers did not have screw down crowns and relied on a system of large gaskets,instead, [although,how water proof they were,is,debatable].

There is always an exception to every rule though! Poljot 30j 20m Amphibia [ no` 15], has a screwed crown, with reverse thread. Quite Rare.