Thursday, 18 June 2020

Extremely Rare. Czechoslovakian Issued Shturmanskie. "Majetek Vojenske Spravy".

have just received this extremely rare czechoslovakian issued 15j shturmanskie.
it has the correct issue number and majetek vojenske spravy case back.
you never see the two types of issue markings together,[case back and dial marking].

i bought this watch off the same european seller i bought the moskva and poljot 23j from.
he really is a top notch collector.he recognised the watch, first picture has the wrong central seconds hand and crown. so supplied a donor pobeda for correct parts.

i took the opportunity whilst changing central seconds hand and crown to re lume the minute and hour hands with vintage type lume.

these watches really are hard to find. i have been looking for several years now. with a notable false start when i was badly let down by a seller that never supplied the watch i had paid for.

really cant thank the seller enough, for his knowledge and help with this watch.

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