Saturday, 16 May 2020

Sekonda De Lux Cal;2209 Thin.

Sekonda de lux Cal;2209. Thin.

Sometimes the purchase of a simple cheap watch, gives me more pleasure, than any number of compressors or Anarktida`s...

I originally bought this watch, of a lovely seller.[Thank you the thriftygent.] To be used for spares for the Poljot de lux i am repairing. [I had forgotten, i had given away most of my 2209 spares to a chap in Arabia].

When i received the watch, what a lovely surprise. The watch is in excellent condition. Extremely original, including crystal and keeping supreme time.

Just reminds me why i love these Russian, 2209`s. So easy to wear, just a lovely, understated watch, and an absolute bargain. Needless to say it will not be used for spares..


  1. This is surprisingly beautiful, simple yet elegant

  2. Thank you. One of my favorite calibers and the most underrated and undervalued. Still, many bargains out there.