Friday, 8 November 2019

Rare Original Slava Amphibian

Rare ORIGINAL Slava, 21 jewel Amphibian.

I have put this watch down as rare, mainly because of the fact that it is original. Plenty have shown up recently, most are Frankens. Either with Kapitan dial or incorrect case back.I have also seen several over the years, where the seller or the unfortunate buyer  claiming authenticity, when clearly the watch in question has a fake dial, either retouched or copied from an original.

The original watch, has an unmistakable dial. Grey in colour with very feint striations.Very hard to copy. You often see the Fakes with a darker coloured dial, but correct in most other respects.

Once again, i would like to thank Ilya, for another fine purchase, bought under the ebay "offer" process.

Watch keeps great time, with a lovely Patina.

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