Sunday, 24 February 2019

Rare.1st MWF. Antarctica Cal;2209. [Anniversary of Soviet scientific stations Antarctica].

1st MWF Poljot Antarctica Cal;2209.

Just received this rare Watch from Boris Koutouzoff.[Thank you Boris.]

This watch is one of a series of watches, made by 1st MWF in the 60`s, to commemorate the establishing of Russian scientific research stations in Antarctica.The stations are denoted on the dial, by the four rubies, i believe there were eventually seven.

This watch denotes the 10th anniversary of the sighting,[located between 1956 and 1962] of the original four.

As i have said there are various versions of this watch, some rarer than others.

Great to have it in the collection.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Rare.1st MWF 17j Shturmanskie

1st MWF Shturmanskie 17j.

Firstly i would like to thank an exceptional seller. Alexandr [skif-21] for the opportunity to purchase such a rare and original watch.An exceptional friendly buying experience.

Aleksandr, also included, free of charge. One of those lovely old leather bund straps, worn in just the "right way. I have a big soft spot for these old distressed straps.

Considering this watch was original and cheap
I could not understand, why,it had been sitting on ebay for such a long time.

It has a great well used patina, perhaps that`s what put buyers off?It just simply adds to its attraction for me.The original non sparkly dial and all important blued hands are present.

The watch keeps great time and is a very, very welcome addition to the collection, it has already given me great pleasure.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Franken Strela On Ebay....

Thought i would do a Franken Watch Post Again.

This "original Strela" is currently on ebay, for sale in the UK, with less than one day to go, at over £400.Sold for £531.

It is nothing of the sort. The dial is a modern reproduction. The hands are again [poor] reproductions.
The case should have beveled or rounded edges.

I have no problem with people selling Russian watches with replaced parts, as long as the seller states the fact in the listing.

Unfortunately. It looks as though some unfortunate buyer is going to pay a lot of money, for a watch that is not what it seems. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Another 1st MWF. 15j Shturmanskie

Just received this  15j 1st MWF Shturmanskie from a great ebay seller. Thank you,Val.

The Shturmanskie is in lovely condition,keeping great time and functioning as it should.

An added bonus is the original commemorative strap,[i have a bit of a soft spot for these].

I am afraid i am becoming addicted to the original Shturmanskies. [Always been my favourite Russian watch]. They are such a relative bargain. The only Russian watch that can be guaranteed  issued.

A great watch to wear, due to there simplicity of design/legibility.