Thursday, 3 January 2019

Extremely Rare. Slava.[2nd MWF]. 114ChN Electric Watch.

 Extremely Rare Slava. 114ChN Electric Watch.

Firstly, once again, i must thank Slava for a seamless  friendly and knowledgeable transaction.

I had almost given up hope in finding this extremely rare watch. Much rarer than the relatively common place Slava electronika, Aesthetically, so much more pleasing, as well, with its beautiful guilloche dial .

Their is a common misconception, that these watches were a direct copy of the Hamilton 500. In fact they were a combination of the Hamilton 500 and Epperelein 100.

An added bonus is that it is working perfectly and in excellent condition.

A most important addition to the collection, and as i say,and one that i thought would be most unlikely to happen.


  1. What a wonderful watch man! Congrats for the acquisition. Whats the year of manufacture? I have an Laco Electric of 1961, also an amazing piece of history.

  2. Hello Daltolp, Many thanks for your very kind comments and congratulations on the wonderful Laco electric. I think the Slava would have been made in the late 60`s.


    1. Thanks, If someday you think sell It, please advice me. (or If you find another unit)