Saturday, 28 December 2019

Volna Precision. Cal;2809. Illustrated Dial. 3rd Q 58

Volna Precision Cal;2809. Illustrated dial.3rd Q 58.

As with most precision's This was cheap. [extremely cheap].This is an early version, The dial normally deteriorates badly on this  type. So i suspect, at the very least some restoration has gone on. I also had to replace the case back with a spare i had.

Runs superbly. A happy addition to the collection.

A few minor rarities coming up soon....

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Remembrance Sunday.Isaac Rosenberg, Through These Pale Cold Days.

Isaac Rosenberg. Died Somme. 1 st April 1918

Through These Pale Cold Days.

Through these pale cold days
What dark faces burn
Out of three thousand Years,
And their wild eyes yearn.

While underneath their brows
Like waifs their spirits grope
For the pools of Hebron again-
For Lebbanons summer slope

They leave these blond still days
In dust behind their tread
They see with living eyes
How long they have been Dead.

Raketa Early Cal;2603 Rare case.

Raketa Early Cal; 2603 in Rare case.

An understated Raketa, from the best period of Russian watchmaking [60`s]. Again thank you Ilya for a seamless deal under the ebay "offer" process.

Watch is running well, with its early Cal 2603 movement, Note the Narrow Chamfered edge to the movement.

Comes with a charming inscription on case back.

A quality strap will be sourced, for this lovely watch.

Friday, 8 November 2019

Rare Original Slava Amphibian

Rare ORIGINAL Slava, 21 jewel Amphibian.

I have put this watch down as rare, mainly because of the fact that it is original. Plenty have shown up recently, most are Frankens. Either with Kapitan dial or incorrect case back.I have also seen several over the years, where the seller or the unfortunate buyer  claiming authenticity, when clearly the watch in question has a fake dial, either retouched or copied from an original.

The original watch, has an unmistakable dial. Grey in colour with very feint striations.Very hard to copy. You often see the Fakes with a darker coloured dial, but correct in most other respects.

Once again, i would like to thank Ilya, for another fine purchase, bought under the ebay "offer" process.

Watch keeps great time, with a lovely Patina.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Rare Early 1st Generation Vostok Amphibia Swing Lugs cai;2209

Just received these Rare early 1st Generation Vostok Amphibia Swing Lugs.

Thank you Slava.

Had been watching these for awhile. Could not understand why they were so reasonably priced.
They are not perfect, quite considerable patina, they would have been manufactured early 70`s. But once again, just adds to their charm. They have the curious early latin case backs, Vostok did do an early type of Cyrillic case back. In my opinion the Latin ones are rarer.

Just a word on dials. These early Amphibia`s, often get redialed. The white dial is original. I have an open mind about the black.

Great additions to the collection.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Beater Strela.

Beater Strela.

Been awhile since i have posted. I have always loved the 3017`s. But, recently because of their value, have been a bit wary of wearing any from my collection on a regular basis.

So decided to make a beater. It has not left my wrist since.

The watch is made up of spare parts. The case is an original older version as is the movement, with later balance. The dial was a gift from my old friend Mischa. The central seconds hand is a modern replacement. The hour and minute hands are original the small counter hands....i have not a clue, just ones i had laying about.

Keeps excellent time.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Zarja Jump hour stays in the collection.

The zarja did not get near to reaching my Reserve, so will be staying in the collection.
A rare thing indeed. Virtually unobtainable and working perfectly.

The Rarest watch, i am ever likely to own. A blessing in disguise!

Thursday, 9 May 2019

NOT Selling the collection.

I have had several emails recently under the misconception, that i am selling all of my collection.
The fact is, i have over 150 watches and a relatively limited budget. Every so often, i sell a few watches, to fund another purchase, not necessarily concerned with watches. I am also interested in vintage trials motorcycles.

I am still extremely interested in Russian watches,but the collection will wax and wain to some extent over the coming years .Until recently i have been an avid buyer,unfortunately sometimes i have to sell

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Selling The Vanishingly Rare Zarja Jump Hour.

I am selling the Zarja Jump hour watch, one of only a handful in the world that actually function fully. I will be sad to see it go, but because of the delicate nature of the movement, i am always concerned i am going to break it.
I have tentatively listed it on ebay, 99p starting price under my ebay name; llaragub 43.
Definitely a rare opportunity to Purchase such an iconic watch.

Apologies to bidders on original listing. Have relisted with Reserve.!

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Volna Precision 22j.

Volna Precision. 22j.

Again. Vostok/Volna precision, still very cheap. This one has a nice early movement from 1960.
In great condition, small amount of ageing to the dial.

Keeps superb time.

Great service from The seller from Ukraine.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Rare.1st MWF. Antarctica Cal;2209. [Anniversary of Soviet scientific stations Antarctica].

1st MWF Poljot Antarctica Cal;2209.

Just received this rare Watch from Boris Koutouzoff.[Thank you Boris.]

This watch is one of a series of watches, made by 1st MWF in the 60`s, to commemorate the establishing of Russian scientific research stations in Antarctica.The stations are denoted on the dial, by the four rubies, i believe there were eventually seven.

This watch denotes the 10th anniversary of the sighting,[located between 1956 and 1962] of the original four.

As i have said there are various versions of this watch, some rarer than others.

Great to have it in the collection.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Rare.1st MWF 17j Shturmanskie

1st MWF Shturmanskie 17j.

Firstly i would like to thank an exceptional seller. Alexandr [skif-21] for the opportunity to purchase such a rare and original watch.An exceptional friendly buying experience.

Aleksandr, also included, free of charge. One of those lovely old leather bund straps, worn in just the "right way. I have a big soft spot for these old distressed straps.

Considering this watch was original and cheap
I could not understand, why,it had been sitting on ebay for such a long time.

It has a great well used patina, perhaps that`s what put buyers off?It just simply adds to its attraction for me.The original non sparkly dial and all important blued hands are present.

The watch keeps great time and is a very, very welcome addition to the collection, it has already given me great pleasure.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Franken Strela On Ebay....

Thought i would do a Franken Watch Post Again.

This "original Strela" is currently on ebay, for sale in the UK, with less than one day to go, at over £400.Sold for £531.

It is nothing of the sort. The dial is a modern reproduction. The hands are again [poor] reproductions.
The case should have beveled or rounded edges.

I have no problem with people selling Russian watches with replaced parts, as long as the seller states the fact in the listing.

Unfortunately. It looks as though some unfortunate buyer is going to pay a lot of money, for a watch that is not what it seems. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Another 1st MWF. 15j Shturmanskie

Just received this  15j 1st MWF Shturmanskie from a great ebay seller. Thank you,Val.

The Shturmanskie is in lovely condition,keeping great time and functioning as it should.

An added bonus is the original commemorative strap,[i have a bit of a soft spot for these].

I am afraid i am becoming addicted to the original Shturmanskies. [Always been my favourite Russian watch]. They are such a relative bargain. The only Russian watch that can be guaranteed  issued.

A great watch to wear, due to there simplicity of design/legibility.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Czechoslovakian Military Issued Pobeda.

Czechoslovakian Military Issued Pobeda.

This is the second Pobeda i have bought from the same seller from Czechoslovakia. Thank you order-1939. The first i restored, this one is in much better condition. In both instances the seller gave me super deals.

Another welcome surprise, was the nice aged leather bund strap that came with the watch,unusually for a bund, it is very comfortable and just has the "look".

This is my third Issued Pobeda a very welcome addition to the collection.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

14k Rose Gold Raketa Repair.

Have just managed to get the time to effect a repair to the 14k gold Cal;2209 Raketa.

It wasn't so much a repair as a straight forward movement swap, i don`t claim to be a watchmaker, rather a very amateur, amateur.....

As you can see from the first picture when i affected the movement swap, it was in my normal state of total disorganized chaos.

However the watch is now running, very well, great time keeper.

Really lovely watch to wear on the wrist. [Thin indeed].

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Extremely Rare. Slava.[2nd MWF]. 114ChN Electric Watch.

 Extremely Rare Slava. 114ChN Electric Watch.

Firstly, once again, i must thank Slava for a seamless  friendly and knowledgeable transaction.

I had almost given up hope in finding this extremely rare watch. Much rarer than the relatively common place Slava electronika, Aesthetically, so much more pleasing, as well, with its beautiful guilloche dial .

Their is a common misconception, that these watches were a direct copy of the Hamilton 500. In fact they were a combination of the Hamilton 500 and Epperelein 100.

An added bonus is that it is working perfectly and in excellent condition.

A most important addition to the collection, and as i say,and one that i thought would be most unlikely to happen.