Friday, 16 November 2018

1st MWF. Sekonda Cal;3017.[Strela].

1st MWF. Sekonda, Cal;3017. 19 jewels.

My favorite Russian Chronograph. [Much preferred to the agricultural 3133]. It was not cheap, they never are these days....But was not expensive compared to 3017`s on buy it now prices...

Condition is good, keeps good time, but it badly needs a service.[UK Purchase]. Never seems to happen with Ukraine/Russian purchases...

Nice movement from the mid 60`s.

This particular type of 3017, has space history. [allegedly]. Who knows.

You can see more 3017`s in my collection, using the drop down links section on the right of my home page.


  1. The 3017, always legendary, I am yet to get one of 3017 watches ;)

  2. Yes. The days of getting them for £20, are sadly, over.[I still remember those happy days].

  3. That's dreaming, for such price. But I guess rather easy in UK when comes to getting Sekonda.

  4. I am afraid i am spending a lot of my time in the past!
    I have been collecting Russian watches, on and off, for a long time. Longer than this blog;
    Unbelievable, as it may sound,the price range ,when i first started collecting, for 3017`s, was £20/£100.....
    If only i had known then......

  5. I am fairly new, but again the Russian watches starting price are cheap, and still are comparing to swiss watches today, I guess that gives the space to grow and inflate. As for now we can see 3017 stays at around 300-500USD (subjected to condition and dial design).

  6. And if you do what I do, mistake UKP for USD you pay even more .....
    It seems prices have stabilized over the past few years though

  7. Hello Ralf,

    Lovely to hear from you.
    Yes they have stabilized. Its also worth waiting for the sale to be in an auction format. In a genuine auction the prices never reach the levels of the crazy buy it now prices on ebay.

    Best Regards,

    1. I've been pretty inactive for quite some time. My GF was on first name basis at the post office for quite some time, not for the last couple of years. Good to see you back collecting!

  8. Many Thanks.Its great to have some old favorites back in the collection again.