Monday, 13 August 2018

Poljot 30j Amphibia. Screw Crown.

Poljot 30j Automatic, Amphibia, Screw Crown.

Not the 1st MWF`s finest moment. But irresistible all the same.
Originally. It was thought because of there rarity, these might have been experimental pieces.
But over the years, more and more have shown up,[with the obligatory dial damage].

In a way they are a one off, they have a slightly different case design to the "normal" amphibia  and of course they have the wacky and poorly engineered reverse crown thread.

Still very glad to have one back in the collection though. Very reasonably priced, as well.

I have carried out a very minor restoration, i have replaced the central seconds hand and bezel with  originals.

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