Monday, 27 August 2018

Czechoslovakian Elchron Factory. Military Issue Stopwatch.

Czechoslovakian Elchron Factory Military Issue Stopwatch.

I am still looking for Cal;3017 Czech` issued military watch to go with the Pobeda. In the mean time dropped on to this quite rare issued stopwatch, note the issue engraving on the dial. Thank heavens for the czech system of issue marks. Something the soviets never got round to.

A big thank you to Micha Katz, for finding it for me.

I do think there is a lot of Rubbish/wishful thinking talked about Russian Military watches. The only genuine issued Russian watch i know off, is The 15/17j Shturmanskies.

I always put all other "military" and "issued" Russian watches in quotation marks, as it`s all based on anecdotal evidence.

I digress....Very pleased to add this little gem.

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