Friday, 13 July 2018

Extremely Rare.Original. Vostok Compressor Automatic Amphibian. SOLD.

Vostok Compressor Automatic Amphibia.

These watches are vanishingly rare. Certainly in this condition.
They do come up for sale, from time to time, but many have defects, damaged case, wrong hands and wrong movement.

And of course some non original versions, that have been put together out of original and reproduction parts.

This particular watch, is completely original and in beautiful condition.[Thank you Slava].
Importantly, it has the correct cal; 2416 automatic movement and case back.

What surprised me when i received it, was the quality and size compared to normal Vostoks. [Rather like another watch in my collection, Raketa Antarctida "Expedition"]. It is certainly not another run of the mill Vostok.

Both the crowns are screwed, the case back also feels heavier than normal.

It keeps superb time and has an impressive feel and look on the wrist.

A very important addition to the collection.


  1. Congratulations, and it is certainly won't be cheap ;)

    1. Thank You.
      No. I am afraid i can`t claim it was the bargain of the year.
      In fact, it was eye wateringly expensive
      I am not planning any more major acquisitions in the near future!.