Sunday, 1 July 2018

Rare. Sputnik Award Watch. Tschistopolsky Watch Factory. Cal;2602. [Light Restoration].

Very pleased to have received this Rare Tschistopolsky Sputnik Award Watch.

I had one before, but had to let it go. This particular watch was incredibly Cheap. Mainly because it was missing its seconds disc.[picture 2].Luckily, i was able to source one very quickly, you can see the replacement ticking away happily, [ picture 1].

These watches have been heavily Frankened, over the years, although, the copies have got steadily better. I have never quite understood why, because the copies do not sell for high prices, any profits on them must be very small.

The Sputnik Award watch, has the cal;2602 installed, running sweetly.

A pleasing addition to the collection.


  1. This is indeed very hard to find, guess the tasty dial makes franken lovers ;)

  2. Very pleased to have found this watch again. It was on my wanted list, but i had always thought i would struggle to find an original one .A nice surprise.