Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Sekonda 17j.Textured/Linen Dial.

I have not been feeling to well lately. {kidney stones]. So imagine what a pleasant surprise it was, when my wife came home from our local shopping centre with this Sekonda in her hand bag.

She has never shown any interest in my watch collection, but like most Women she has got a photographic memory, when needed!!

My wife paid the grand total of £2 for this Sekonda, manufactured during the last gasps of the 1st Moscow Watch Factory. [Poljot].It was on a market stall selling Militaria.

The watch looks as though it has had very little use and is running, it also has a rather beautiful textured dial.

Really has cheered me up.


  1. Hope you recover soon, my father had kidney stone previously but now all good. You are lucky to have your wife spending just £2 for a lovely Sekonda, what a bargain ;)

  2. Thank you so much,and i am glad your Father is now fully recovered.

    I had to have them extracted in an extremely eye watering way, the process does not seem to have moved on much from Victorian times. Still on the mend now. Thank you once again.

    The Sekonda is a little Gem, i will always cherish it due to the circumstances it was obtained.

    Best Regards,