Saturday, 24 March 2018

Rare 1st MWF Poljus "Expedition" 17j Watch. SOLD

Rare 1st MWF Poljus, 17j watch.
Just received this rare Poljus, in beautiful condition, Keeping perfect time.
Once again, i would like thank Boris [Koutouzoff],for agreeing to do a deal on another quite stunning watch from his excellent collection. I wish i could afford to buy them all..

The strap Boris sent with the watch was an added bonus and compliments the watch perfectly.

I have put expedition watch in quotation marks, as there is some anecdotal evidence, that they were used on expeditions, they certainly have an unusual construction having anti magnetic shields, both front and back, suggesting some sort of tool watch.

A great addition to the collection.


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  2. To find Polyus, in such condition is not a common situation. In my experience, I had just a few possibilities to get it, mostly uncompleted or in not interesting condition.
    Congratulations for you - that watch is unique and very original in all family of soviet watchmaking. Most of amateur collectors find it as common to Stolichnye - it is of course a big misunderstanding, because every single part is customized for that model.
    Best regards from Poland,

  3. Hello Lukasz,
    I consider myself very lucky to own this watch, [thanks to Boris]. Also fascinating to hear from yourself that the watch was specially manufactured for a specific use.