Sunday, 8 October 2017

1st MWF. Poljot Chronograph cal 3017. [Strela]

1st MWF. Poljot. Chronograph. Cal; 3017.
These plain minute register chronographs, realy are totally understated,and come from a period, when Poljot were producing, some of there most beautiful and iconic designs.
I already have one of a similar design, slightly different font.
Has a nice movement in the 2000`s, putting it in the mid 60`s.
Another great addition to the collection.


  1. Hi My name is Francis o Toole ,I have just posted another comment with a link ,Sorry for that for you may have believed it was spam , I am new to watch collecting and have come upon your blog , I am seeking advice on a purchase of mine , p.s Really great site

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  2. Thank you Francis much appreciated.
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