Sunday, 8 October 2017

1st MWF. Poljot Chronograph cal 3017. [Strela]

1st MWF. Poljot. Chronograph. Cal; 3017.
These plain minute register chronographs, realy are totally understated,and come from a period, when Poljot were producing, some of there most beautiful and iconic designs.
I already have one of a similar design, slightly different font.
Has a nice movement in the 2000`s, putting it in the mid 60`s.
Another great addition to the collection.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Early Okeah. Cal;3132. 1st MWF.

1st MWF Cal;3132 Okeah. Early.

Just received this lovely early Okeah.
Note nice early rounded crystal. Small case Okeah font. off white lume. Nice early "clean" movement.

Check out the picture with Genuine Okeah dials on. My Okeah has the small font type 2 dial. Not the earliest type 1 dial.

The only draw back is a reproduction purple bezel,[originals suffer from premature ageing].

The off white lume and small case dials with purple bezel, have always been known. However  the theory of the Poljot logo on bridge ,is a more recent  theory [and is being thoroughly catered for by the more upmarket Ukraine watch dealers!!].

I know recognize that, [ignorance is bliss!!] my preconceived notions about early Okeahs are wrong.
1st Generation Okeaks would have had the poljot logo on bridge.