Saturday, 23 September 2017

Vostok Precision. Cyrillic Dial. Cal; 2809.

Vostok Precision. Cyrillic Dial. 22 jewel.
As i have said many times before these watches are still incredibly cheap.
They are an ideal watch to start collecting, if you are new to Russian watch collecting, as opposed to the normal Vostok Amphibians, everyone seems to start with.

Russia`s only attempt at a wristwatch Chronometer, they really are, quite unique and a pleasure to wear. One of my favourite calibers, i shall continue to build up my caliber collection, whenever i spot a bargain , like this.

The watch runs seamlessly, a great addition to the colletion.


  1. This is my favourite caliber of sovietic watches. I begun my collection with Volna; they are lovely and work very very fine...Maximilian

  2. Thank you Maximillian, The precisions are one of my favourite movements also.