Friday, 8 September 2017

Slava Dual Time Manual Wind [Railway] Watch. Extremely Rare. SOLD

Slava. Dual time [Railway] watch. Something of a grail for me. Extremely rare in this condition.

As usual, Slava, came up with the goods. The watch is running seamlessly .

This is the type of Russian watch i love. Quirky and definitely a bit left of center.

The movement are Slava, 17 jewel, 1601`s.

The left movement should be set to Moscow time. So a Railway watch would make sense, taking into account, all of Russia`s time zones.

A great addition to the collection.


  1. And the movements in there are flipped, I have one and really love it but yours in better condition for sure. Congrats !

  2. Hello C.S.Lee,
    Yes. I am afraid i had to do a few running repairs,and remove movements. I put them back in the the wrong way!
    Thanks for spotting.

    I think we are part of a very small club, as fellow owners.
    Best Regards,

  3. I think the movements were installed correctly, I was trying to say the interesting part is both movement are installed in invert direction to allow the left right crown control ;)

    It is the same for the Luch DualTime Traveller, both movements are installed inversely as well.

    Yup the Slave Dual Time RR is really rare, the quirky design is much loved ;)