Saturday, 23 September 2017

1st MWF. Sekonda. White Dialed Cal;3017 Chronograph .Strela.

1st MWF Sekonda. white dialed 17j Chronograph cal; 3017.
One of my favourite 3017 types. This paddle handed dial is the most arresting.
This watch would have been made in the 70`s
A much missed new addition to the collection.

Vostok Precision. Cyrillic Dial. Cal; 2809.

Vostok Precision. Cyrillic Dial. 22 jewel.
As i have said many times before these watches are still incredibly cheap.
They are an ideal watch to start collecting, if you are new to Russian watch collecting, as opposed to the normal Vostok Amphibians, everyone seems to start with.

Russia`s only attempt at a wristwatch Chronometer, they really are, quite unique and a pleasure to wear. One of my favourite calibers, i shall continue to build up my caliber collection, whenever i spot a bargain , like this.

The watch runs seamlessly, a great addition to the colletion.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Poljot Cal; 3017. Black Dial. [Strela]. Chronograph

1st MWF Poljot. Cal;3017 Chronograph.
I have missed these Strela`s. My favourite Russian Chronograph. I did not think i would be able to afford any of the iconic ones again.
The 3017`s have space history of course.
This particular one functions perfectly and is in lovely condition, with a late movement, 1970`s.
A great addition to the collection.

Further 3017 updates will appear.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Slava Dual Time Manual Wind [Railway] Watch. Extremely Rare. SOLD

Slava. Dual time [Railway] watch. Something of a grail for me. Extremely rare in this condition.

As usual, Slava, came up with the goods. The watch is running seamlessly .

This is the type of Russian watch i love. Quirky and definitely a bit left of center.

The movement are Slava, 17 jewel, 1601`s.

The left movement should be set to Moscow time. So a Railway watch would make sense, taking into account, all of Russia`s time zones.

A great addition to the collection.