Saturday, 24 June 2017

Rare 15 j Pobeda

I have been searching for one of these Rare 15j Pobedas, for a long time. I had one many years ago and sold it. This watch is incredibly original. case dial hands and crown all original. They do appear on e. bay from time to time, but rarely with correct hands and crown.

The hand set is a perfect match for a 17j Shturmanskie, including blueing, as opposed to Sportivnie hand sets that are so often used in Franken Shturmanskies, with there non blued hands.. The dial also suffers from ageing due to the radium paint.

I often think this Pobeda was something of an early cue for the later 17j Shturmanskies, with there handset and Sportinie style case.

A little treasure, bought from a great seller, who accepted my e.bay "offer".

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