Thursday, 8 June 2017

Pobeda 15j. [Light Restoration]

15j Pobeda. One of my favourite watches. Bought of a great seller from Ukraine, new to me.
Gosh what a struggle to find one in good original condition, i have changed the crown it came with, to a pillow crown, same as Shturmanskie, which would have been original to the watch when new.
Its funny, but this simple purchase, has given me more pleasure than watches costing much much more.

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  1. hi Russ, I'm going through the same process with my 15j Pobeda. I have 2: 1 with original dial/hands/nice movement but wrong crown and scruffy case, and 1 with nice case/original pillow crown but trashy replacement dial/hands and worn movement.

  2. Hello Gordon,
    Good luck with the restoration.It can be a rewarding exercise. I think these simple early Pobedas are really underrated, [and bomb proof].The good thing is they are still reasonably affordable. I have an ongoing restoration of a Czech air force issue Pobeda which i will be uploading to the blog in due course.
    Best Regards,