Saturday, 24 June 2017

Extremely Rare 1938 1st MWF Aircraft 8 Day Chronograph Clock

An Extremely Rare 1st Moscow Watch Factory 8 day aircraft clock from 1938.This early Russian made clock, is based on the Jaeger Chronoflight from the 1930`s.
The Soviets Bought a number of Jaegers, then started manufacturing them from about 1937.

One of the quirks of these early clocks is that the the lower minute dial runs backwards when activated. As opposed to the later versions that run normally.

As you can see from the case back, it has been slightly modified,[note phillips screws!].
The dial Hands, movement and case are original though, and working surprisingly well.

An amazing rather battered survivor, with its history written all over it.
A most unexpected find

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