Monday, 29 May 2017

Shturmanskie. Cal; 3133 Airforce Chronograph. [light Restoration].

I recently bought this lovely early 1st MWF Shturmanskie, cheaply off a seller from ukraine. I took a bit of a gamble, because there was no movement shot.

There were a few pointers though to it being reasonably original. It had its original Stainless steel case. Dial was showing signs of age, as were the original hands.[both plus points in my book, i much prefer original patina, to the current trend, of often, fake perfection!]. Unusually , it also had its original rounded crystal, with interior spacer.

The hands have aged differently to indice lume, but are original.

I did, however, take a decision, to replace the central seconds hand,[worn boss] and the movable inner bezel, [damaged].

Very pleased with the results. The watch itself keeps excellent time, and, unusually!, the chronograph works perfectly.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Paul`s Russian Watch Collection

Just updated my Favourite links section and added a fantastic  collection from Paul.
Really is a pleasure to add another collection to add to the list.
Their really is no excuse nowadays to buy a complete Franken, with all these wonderful sites available.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Vostok Amphibia Swing Lugs

Vostok Swing Lugs Amphibia. Bought of a great seller from Ukraine who never fails to deliver.
My favourite type of Vostok, showing its age with great Patina, just how i like them.
You can still pick up these historic Vostoks, very cheaply. This one keeps great time.

Friday, 19 May 2017

1st MWF. Tutima. [Glashutte]. UROFA. Kirova. 21 Jewel. Type 59. Chronograph.SOLD

Received this watch in record time from a very pleasant and honest seller from Bulgaria, who was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

The Tutima Kirova has always been my ultimate grail watch. Over the years my collection has waxed and waned, but this was the watch i had always most wanted,over all others but could never afford.

Most importantly, to me this watch is original. The dial and hands have not been retouched, the crown and pushers are original, case back and case, with solid spring bars, are again  original. The movement, is unsigned with low serial number and would have been one of the first movements taken from Tutima`s Glashutte Factory,[ about 1947], as war reparations. It would then have been assembled at 1st MWF Factory, with dial signed with there logo.

1st MWF Started manufacturing and signing the movements in about 1949.

This particular watch, has a wonderful patina of age related use, which ,  to my eyes ,only adds to its appeal. The watch keeps exceptional time, and chronograph works as it should.

It is on a temporary strap at the moment, i will find a more appropriate one in time.

Monday, 15 May 2017

A Grail.

I had the opportunity today to purchase a grail watch. It is rare and i have always wanted one but have never been able to find one at the right time.

It is a military watch, there was some considerable negotiation, it is not the dearest, but as you can imagine, it was not cheap

The movements are known to be "temperamental"  then again they have normally suffered years of abuse under somewhat trying conditions.

I will update the blog when the watch is in my possession  .