Saturday, 18 March 2017

Early 15j Shturmanskie. Received.

Just received this nice early 15j Shturmanskie. From a great seller from Ukraine, new to me, the seller even replaced the crystal and central seconds hand at no extra cost.

These early 15j Shturmanskies, had a plain unadorned movement, [no geneva stripes] and the dials are flat, like there 17j counter parts whereas the later 15j Shturmanskies had a "sparkly" dial.

You will note the Ratchet wheel, is not plain, the obvious answer could be that it has been replaced.
The more intrigueing answer could be that it is original? I have seen a couple of these very early Shturmanskies with adorned Ratchet wheel.

The watch keeps, quite supreme time, and the hacking function works perfectly.

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