Saturday, 21 January 2017

A Present From Mischa.

Sometimes, in life, something happens to leave one totally overwhelmed. This is such an occasion.

I have known Mischa for some years, in that time i have seen him build up a once in a life time collection, only for it to be tragically stolen, from his Moscow flat. Through out this time through good and bad , he has always kept an admirable positive perspective on life. [Something that would have been beyond me].

Imagine my surprise, to receive through the post,[out of the blue], a package from Mischa, as a gift, containing, some complete watches and incredibly rare spare parts, as i say, i was completely overwhelmed.

I will use the parts, in future projects. which i would never sell. [Some years ago Mischa sent me as a gift A beautiful Rare NOS Luch 22j watch, which until recently, until i started collecting again, was the only Russian watch i had left and would obviously never sell]

Thank you Mischa. You are a Gentleman. [An increasingly rare breed]

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