Wednesday, 18 January 2017

1st MWF Hacking ["Issued"] Shturmanskie Cal;31659 Chronograph.

1st MWF Sturmanskie cal;31659 Hacking. I bought this watch incredibly cheaply. It also came with an original Poljot Bracelet,[just prefer to wear a leather strap].I might put the original metal strap on, it just looks better.

This a second generation version,with blue infill dial, quite early movement,
, with date on bridge.
Unusually it has its original crystal,which has come up a treat with a bit of polywatch,stainless steel case back and pushers, are very good.

I have put the issued in brackets and quotes,because, of course, this is total conjecture. The only genuine Russian issued watches i know of, that can be verified, are the original 15j Sturmanskies.

The only draw back with the watch, is that unfortunately, the indices have been relumed. It keeps great time though,chronograph operates faultlessly .

One of my most missed watches.

There are still bargains out there.

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