Monday, 27 November 2017

Extremely Rare. Raketa Antarktida. "Antarctic Expedition" 24 hr Watch.

Extremely Rare, Raketa Antarktida 21 j "Expedition Watch".

This is something, of a grail for me. This particular Raketa, is much more substantial, than the ordinary run of the mill Raketas.It has a very unusual construction, the crystal, attaches to the inner steel case, which in turn, screws into the case back, making the watch water resistant and anti magnetic.

It has the correct early, cal;2623, Baltika, 24 hr movement, running seamlessly.

These watches, commemorate, the 16th expedition, to Antarctica, [early 70`s] .
There is some anecdotal evidence, that they were originally presented to the expedition  members. I could not possibly confirm this.

This particular watch, is in superb condition and i really do think it is one of the best constructed Russian watches, i have ever owned. It is certainly one of the best looking.

Friday, 24 November 2017

1st Generation Vostok Komandirskies. Black and White Dials

1st Generation Vostok Komandirskie. Becoming hard to find in original condition. Many, many watches seen on line, have either been relumed or worse redialed.
Although showing their age, these examples are original and 99% untouched, difficult to show on the black dial..

 The white dialed version, has a lovely inscription on the back, which again is original. [I am normally wary of inscriptions, can be used to add a bit of"colour" by the seller].

The black dial has a 2214 cal` movement, the white dial has a 2234.

Both watches were bought off an extremely trusted seller, thank you Ilya.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Raketa 24hr "Polar" Watch

I have been looking for one of these early Raketa "Polar" 24hr watches for a long time.
I have had the chance to buy a few in the past, but they were always way out of my budget.
I bought this one of a seller, new to me, for a very, reasonable offer.

As you can see , most importantly it has the correct Baltika cal;2623 21 j , early movement, note the narrow bevelled edge, to the movement.

Unusually, the case and dial, are in excellent condition. The one drawback is the tip of the central seconds hand has broken off, but i can live with that.

Keeps great time.

I have a second, rarer Polar, coming soon.

Sputnik. Rotating Disc. Tscheljabinsky Watch Factory.

Received this lovely original Sputnik today.Made around 1957,[Sputnik Launch] to early sixties.
The dials on these do suffer from premature aging, that`s the reason you see so many redials.
This one is in good condition, when you consider, it was as cheap as chips.
Finding a little bargain like this gives me more pleasure, than no end of more expensive grails.

The watch is keeping great time, looks as though it has been recently serviced.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Canoe. By Keith Douglas. [Remembrance week].

Keith Castellain Douglas.  Born  24th January 1920.  Killed In Action . 9th June 1940.


Well, I am thinking this may be my last
summer, but cannot lose even a part
of pleasure in the old-fashioned art
of idleness. I cannot stand aghast

at whatever doom hovers in the background
while grass and trees and the somnolent river
who know they are allowed to last for ever
exchange between them the whole subdued sound

of this hot time. What sudden fearful fate
can deter my shade wandering next year
from a return? Whistle, and I will hear
and come another evening when this boat

travels with you alone towards Iffley:
as you lie looking up for thunder again,
this cool touch does not betoken rain;
it is my spirit that kisses your mouth lightly.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

1st MWF. Poljot Chronograph cal 3017. [Strela]

1st MWF. Poljot. Chronograph. Cal; 3017.
These plain minute register chronographs, realy are totally understated,and come from a period, when Poljot were producing, some of there most beautiful and iconic designs.
I already have one of a similar design, slightly different font.
Has a nice movement in the 2000`s, putting it in the mid 60`s.
Another great addition to the collection.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Early Okeah. Cal;3132. 1st MWF.

1st MWF Cal;3132 Okeah. Early.

Just received this lovely early Okeah.
Note nice early rounded crystal. Small case Okeah font. off white lume. Nice early "clean" movement.

Check out the picture with Genuine Okeah dials on. My Okeah has the small font type 2 dial. Not the earliest type 1 dial.

The only draw back is a reproduction purple bezel,[originals suffer from premature ageing].

The off white lume and small case dials with purple bezel, have always been known. However  the theory of the Poljot logo on bridge ,is a more recent  theory [and is being thoroughly catered for by the more upmarket Ukraine watch dealers!!].

I know recognize that, [ignorance is bliss!!] my preconceived notions about early Okeahs are wrong.
1st Generation Okeaks would have had the poljot logo on bridge.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

1st MWF. Sekonda. White Dialed Cal;3017 Chronograph .Strela.

1st MWF Sekonda. white dialed 17j Chronograph cal; 3017.
One of my favourite 3017 types. This paddle handed dial is the most arresting.
This watch would have been made in the 70`s
A much missed new addition to the collection.

Vostok Precision. Cyrillic Dial. Cal; 2809.

Vostok Precision. Cyrillic Dial. 22 jewel.
As i have said many times before these watches are still incredibly cheap.
They are an ideal watch to start collecting, if you are new to Russian watch collecting, as opposed to the normal Vostok Amphibians, everyone seems to start with.

Russia`s only attempt at a wristwatch Chronometer, they really are, quite unique and a pleasure to wear. One of my favourite calibers, i shall continue to build up my caliber collection, whenever i spot a bargain , like this.

The watch runs seamlessly, a great addition to the colletion.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Poljot Cal; 3017. Black Dial. [Strela]. Chronograph

1st MWF Poljot. Cal;3017 Chronograph.
I have missed these Strela`s. My favourite Russian Chronograph. I did not think i would be able to afford any of the iconic ones again.
The 3017`s have space history of course.
This particular one functions perfectly and is in lovely condition, with a late movement, 1970`s.
A great addition to the collection.

Further 3017 updates will appear.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Slava Dual Time Manual Wind [Railway] Watch. Extremely Rare. SOLD

Slava. Dual time [Railway] watch. Something of a grail for me. Extremely rare in this condition.

As usual, Slava, came up with the goods. The watch is running seamlessly .

This is the type of Russian watch i love. Quirky and definitely a bit left of center.

The movement are Slava, 17 jewel, 1601`s.

The left movement should be set to Moscow time. So a Railway watch would make sense, taking into account, all of Russia`s time zones.

A great addition to the collection.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Poljot 16j Sputnik

Poljot Sputnik 16j. You can still grab a bargain. Bought of a great seller new to me. Its in much better condition than i was expecting. And for a bargain price.

Great to have one in the collection again.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

A Bunch Of Vostok Amphibia 200/300M

A bunch of Vostok 200/300m Amphibians. Becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to find in original condition. Particularly the top two,[tonneau and round case 300m].

The 200m versions are cheaper, and come in a variety of combinations, some rarer than others. They have normally had a hard life, so view perfect ones with suspicion!

Great watches to have, exceedingly comfortable to wear.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Poljot 23j Anniversary 40 years of Polar Aviation.

Poljot 23j ultra thin "40th Anniversary of Polar Aviation". I thought long and hard before buying this watch. But in the end decided to buy, it just had the look.Its a conversation piece anyway!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Kirova UROFA Chronograph, with new boots. SOLD.

Slightly more secure strap added to the Kirova.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Vostok Amphibia Swing Lugs. Paddle Hands.

Vostok 200m Amphibia, swing Lugs with Paddle Hands.I had been watching this lovely original watch for some time. I could not understand why no one had shown any interest. It was cheap, quite rare and original,

I can only assume it was condition?True it is showing its age,Crystal is crazed, lume is flaky.

I just class this as patina and it makes it more desirable in my book . I understand some collectors want everything NOS or highly "restored"Which, is fine, but it`s still nice to find some little gems in the rough..

Keeps great time, these old Vostoks, just seem to keep on going forever.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Vostok Amphibia Swing Lugs.

I received this Vostok swing lugs recently, just been waiting to locate an original crown, for it.
You often find these Vostoks with later squared off crowns on, as a replacement. always nice to bring one back to its original state.
This one is in nice condition and has a reassuring patina.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Rare 15 j Pobeda

I have been searching for one of these Rare 15j Pobedas, for a long time. I had one many years ago and sold it. This watch is incredibly original. case dial hands and crown all original. They do appear on e. bay from time to time, but rarely with correct hands and crown.

The hand set is a perfect match for a 17j Shturmanskie, including blueing, as opposed to Sportivnie hand sets that are so often used in Franken Shturmanskies, with there non blued hands.. The dial also suffers from ageing due to the radium paint.

I often think this Pobeda was something of an early cue for the later 17j Shturmanskies, with there handset and Sportinie style case.

A little treasure, bought from a great seller, who accepted my e.bay "offer".