Saturday, 31 December 2016

Vympel. 1st MWF. Cal;2209

You can never have enough Vymples. This lovely watch came from a seller i have had many happy dealings with. Comes with its nice original, early, cal;2209, movement. Keeps excellent time. winds and sets as it should[can be problematic].

These watches are still incredibly cheap,[even more so under there later Luch moniker]. I know i have said this before, but they really are a clean, understated watch design. criminally undervalued at the present time.

Further updates will appear.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Vostok Amphibia. N.O.S. Radio Room.

What a lovely surprise. I had actually forgotten i had this watch. I bought this watch, many years ago, when i first started collecting, Russian watches. Its N.O.S, still has its original box and papework.
As i remember, i bought it from a seller in Thailand, or somewhere similar, at the time there was a flurry of these N.O.S amphibias, in various configurations.

When i found it, at the back of a drawer with some spares,it was still in its original box. As far as i am aware, it had been there for many years, i took it out ofits box, wound it,...and typical Vostok...started quite happily, keeping great time.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

300M Vostok. New Boots

Just purchased a new military style one piece vintage leather strap, for the Vostok 300m. One of my most wearable Russian watches, has all the prerequisites ,easy to read and not to large. A great and quite rare watch.