Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cyrillic Poljot Kosmos Automatic 29j Day Date Pointer


Just received this rather lovely Poljot Kosmos, day date pointer.I have always had a great love for these,made at a time when the 1st MWF, were at the top of there game,with the sublime cal;2146 movement.

These old Poljot automatics,look great on the wrist,this one keeps superb time,all functions work as they should.The watch itself is in very good original condition,with the correct early case back. The crown however is not original,but i have a spare,and will replace in due course.

I bought the watch under the offer process,on e.bay of a lovely seller,new to me,from Ukraine. SOLD


  1. Back in the swing of things I see. Good man! Love the Kocmoc. Mine hails from our friend, Good General Boris. Runs great, but the date quickset does not work. So i try and time it that i don't have to turn the hands for too long ....

  2. Hello Ralf,
    Yes i am still collecting the odd watch,on the cheap!
    I honestly had not realised the calibre had a quick set function,none of my previous watches of the same cal`,had one.
    Ah. Boris, a true Gentleman.

  3. Hello! I recently received a beautiful example of such a watch, but haven't been able to find any information about a quick-set function! Is it similar to a Boctok where you cycle back and forth between 8:30 - 12:00 ?

  4. Hello,
    There is no quick set function on this movement.I am afraid the safest way to change date is to "go round the clock", until you reach the required date. Regards,

  5. Hello Russ,
    Thank you for the quick reply! I thought this might be the case so I ended up winding the watch forward from the 23rd all the way to the 17th haha. It took some time but is well worth it for such a wonderful timepiece. Thank you!