Sunday, 23 November 2014


 15J original Sturmanskie,as used by Gagarin 3rd Q 52. I have said before how these are my favourite Russian watches.And one of the only Russian watches,that can be guaranteed "issued".In my opinion,they are still undervalued,and can be picked up cheaply.I bought this of a new seller,to me, from Ukraine.Thank you Natalia.The watch needed reluming,so i thought i would show the reluming process,in my own rather chaotic fashion! SOLD.
 Here is the watch with crystal removed,showing its original dial,in beautiful condition.
 Here hands have been removed,and are located upside down,on a tooth pick,already having had the lume applied,using a watch oiler.[always apply the lume on the hands underside]. SOLD
 I know it looks a bit like a car crash,thought i would show the lume,during the mixing process,it takes a bit of patience to achieve the correct "antique shade". SOLD
 Hands re lumed,and remounted,crystal still off.A quite satisfactory result.
 The job completed.Keeping excellent time.A treasured addition to the collection SOLD.
Picture of the Hacking movement,courtesy of Natalie. SOLD

Because of my limited budget now,i thought i would never be able to afford an original 15j Sturmanskie again,and in such good condition.It just goes to show with a little patience,bargains,are still out there.Very pleased.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Siegfried Sasoon. Christ And The Soldier. 1916. Rememberence Week.

 Siegfried Loraine Sassoon. CBE. MC.

Christ And The Soldier. 1916.

The straggled soldier halted -- stared at Him -- Then clumsily dumped down upon his knees, Gasping
"O blessed crucifix, I'm beat !"

And Christ, still sentried by the seraphim, Near the front-line, between two splintered trees, Spoke him:

"My son, behold these hands and feet."

The soldier eyed him upward, limb by limb, Paused at the Face, then muttered,

"Wounds like these Would shift a bloke to Blighty just a treat !"

Christ, gazing downward, grieving and ungrim, Whispered,

"I made for you the mysteries, Beyond all battles moves the Paraclete."
The soldier chucked his rifle in the dust, And slipped his pack, and wiped his neck, and said --
"O Christ Almighty, stop this bleeding fight !"

Above that hill the sky was stained like rust With smoke. In sullen daybreak flaring red The guns were thundering bombardment's blight. The soldier cried,

"I was born full of lust, With hunger, thirst, and wishfulness to wed. Who cares today if I done wrong or right?"

Christ asked all pitying,

"Can you put no trust In my known word that shrives each faithful head ? Am I not resurrection, life and light ?"

Machine-guns rattled from below the hill; High bullets flicked and whistled through the leaves; And smoke came drifting from exploding shells.

Christ said

"Believe; and I can cleanse your ill. I have not died in vain between two thieves; Nor made a fruitless gift of miracles."

The soldier answered,

"Heal me if you will, Maybe there's comfort when a soul believes In mercy, and we need it in these hells. But be you for both sides ? I'm paid to kill And if I shoot a man his mother grieves. Does that come into what your teaching tells ?"

A bird lit on the Christ and twittered gay; Then a breeze passed and shook the ripening corn. A Red Cross waggon bumped along the track. Forsaken Jesus dreamed in the desolate day -- Uplifted Jesus, Prince of Peace forsworn -- An observation post for the attack.

"Lord Jesus, ain't you got no more to say ?"

Bowed hung that head below the crown of thorns. The soldier shifted, and picked up his pack, And slung his gun, and stumbled on his way.

"O God," he groaned,"why ever was I born ?"

The battle boomed, and no reply came back.

Sunday, 2 November 2014


I have been trying to get the remaining collection,in some sort of order.Thought i would take a picture of my Russian Divers,i find i am wearing these watches more and more,the main reason being,as i have mentioned before,there ease of sight. The Raketa Diver,always was,and is a particular favourite.