Sunday, 19 October 2014

Extremely Rare Slava Amphibian. An Ongoing Restoration. SOLD.

As well as a core of 50 watches in my collection,i still have several restorations on the go. Mainly because the watches themselves are rare,and parts are hard to come by.
I bought this extremely rare Slava Amphibian,many years ago,the dial had been replaced with a more modern Slava Dial.The original dials on these Slava Divers,do seem to suffer from premature ageing,a bit like the Poljot 30j diver  still in my collection.
Since i got the Slava Amphibian,i have been looking for an original dial,i have tried all of my contacts,and drawn a blank.
Recently,i have been thinking of putting the Franken dial,back on,so that i can at least use the watch,it is a large watch with some presence.I shall have a think about it.

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