Sunday, 19 October 2014

Extremely Rare Slava Amphibian. An Ongoing Restoration. SOLD.

As well as a core of 50 watches in my collection,i still have several restorations on the go. Mainly because the watches themselves are rare,and parts are hard to come by.
I bought this extremely rare Slava Amphibian,many years ago,the dial had been replaced with a more modern Slava Dial.The original dials on these Slava Divers,do seem to suffer from premature ageing,a bit like the Poljot 30j diver  still in my collection.
Since i got the Slava Amphibian,i have been looking for an original dial,i have tried all of my contacts,and drawn a blank.
Recently,i have been thinking of putting the Franken dial,back on,so that i can at least use the watch,it is a large watch with some presence.I shall have a think about it.

Saturday, 11 October 2014


As i have said before,i have not been collecting Russian watches recently,but i do still go to second hand markets when i have the time.

I recently bought this Trench watch at one such market,i am not an expert on these,but it felt right,and i was very taken with the very sad story that emerged when i read the accompanying paperwork.
The box, with the watch,had just been thrown in another larger box,as if it had just been discarded.

 At this point,i would like to thank David at[link on the right hand side of this blog],for his freely given time and knowledge regarding the basic pin pallet movement,and watch itself,when asked later via e.mail.

On the Case back is a dedication,to an officer in the RFC, Lt.G.J.Hatch [Royal Flying Corps,precursor to the RAF], with a very old hand written note giving the history of the young man,who tragically was killed in action 6/4/17.

Lt. G. J. Hatch. was attached to No, 8 sgn,He had the misfortune to have to fly an aircraft called the Be2c, two seater, [The Be2c was responsible for the slang term Fokker Fodder]. An aircraft designed by the Royal Aircraft Factory and was obsolete before  it was introduced years earlier. He was shot down,along with his observer  Cpl. E.Langridge, by  D.R Frankel, who was C/O of  Jagdstaffel 4, [and an "Ace"].Saddly. D.R Frankel, was killed in action,just two days later on  8/4/17, [Bristol Fighters], flying an Albatross D111. [D.R Frankel, who was Jewish,also suffered from anti Semitesm,mainly,at the hands of a certain H .Goering,future head of the Luftwaffe].

 As well as 1st ww poetry, i have always had an interest in 1st ww aircraft types, and the Be2c, was a particularly poor design. I do wonder how an aircraft such as the Be2c, which was obsolete during the Fokker scourge, [Fokker Eindekker,1916], was still flying in 1917 and facing an Albatross D111, which technically was light years ahead.The increasingly unfashionable term, Lions led by Donkeys does come to mind.

The men who had to go up in them,were to say the  least,very,very brave,with incredibly high casualty rates.

I will be sending the watch to Steve Burrage,who hopefully can work another miracle,the watch is running,but is galloping.

Whatever the out come i will treasure it.

Saturday, 4 October 2014


I was extremely sad to learn that,My friend Mischa recently had his watch collection stolen.
The collection itself was quite breathtaking,with some extremely rare and definitive watches.It took Mischa many years of hard work and great knowledge to aquire.The only good news is, the fact that, neither he or any family were injured during the act of theft.
Please follow the link Mischa has provided,to see the watches involved.

The watches are extremely rare and distinctive,so should be easy to spot if and when they come up for sale, either privately,by e.mail,or on any of the popular auction sites.
Thank You.