Saturday, 19 July 2014

300m amphibia [An ongoing story]

The joys of owning Vintage  watches. I have tried to auction this 300m vostok 3 times so far,each time i have had to withdraw it due to maintenance issues.I would never sell a watch,in a condition that would disappoint me,if i were the buyer.So have decided to keep it,i will eventually send to Steve's,and have repaired.
My apologies for any inconvenience to those bidding.


  1. Russ, can't you just buy a standard Amphibian 2209 and swap the mechanisms? They are pretty standard...

  2. Boris,I have since repaired the 300m,using parts just as you have suggested.
    I will be keeping the watch,i still have 50 Russian watches in the reduced collection,hopefully i will be able to keep hold of them.
    I even [whisper it],recently bought a Raketa Amphibian,purely because it was one of the watches i missed so much,yet was still affordable.
    Best Regards,