Sunday, 27 April 2014

Favourite watch links Update.Andrew`s Great site.

Just updated my favourite watch links section with Andrew`s great site at
He has some beatiful and rare Russian watches,with great back ground information on Russian watch Industry.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Early Volna Precision Cal;2809 [Illustrated Dial].

Just received this lovely Early Volna Cal;2809 precision.I have been looking for one of these "rose" illustrated precisions for a long time.The problem has always been condition.These dials tend to deteriorate badly,so the ones for sale are either chronic redials or in hardly legible condition.

I realised i am never going to be able to either,find or afford one in exemplary condition,so picked this one,its in good condition,[though with obvious patina],has a nice correct, early movement which keeps excellent time.And,it was extremely affordable,something that,i am afraid,is becoming increasingly important to me.

The Trusted seller from Ukraine,was fast and efficient and managed to get it to my door in a hand full of days,which once again,is extraordinary,considering the sad and worrying events going on in that country.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Luch Cal;2209 Ultra Thin Received

These watches are criminally under priced.Just received this one from a very efficient seller from Ukraine.This is a late era Luch,possibly late 80`s,going by the funky font on the dial.
These watches never cease to fascinate me,the thin movements look so delicate,and yet seem to survive in large numbers.
They really do look great on the wrist,very understated.
One of the more common problems,is rough winding,but this one is sweet and smooth.
Where could you get a swiss calibre ultra thin watch for around £20.