Thursday, 20 March 2014

Military "issued" Poljot, [1st MWF] Sturmanskie Cal;31659 Hacking Received.

I have just received this Military Poljot Stainless Steel "issued"[1-88] watch,it has the correct Cal;31659 Hacking Cal` movement installed.

I originally bought the watch from a seller on e.bay under the "offer" process.The watch was in poor condition,lume had fallen off and the hands were badly stained,The price of these Military Sturmanskies,would normally have been well out of my price range.But because of the damage,this one was cheap.

A trusted seller i have used many times in the past,[thank you Slava],interceded on my behalf,at point of sale.When he received it from the seller,he realised it needed serious mechanical repair.He then went ahead,and organised a complete mechanical and cosmetic overhaul,including reluming of dial and hands,using his own watchmaker.This he did completely free of charge.

I was completely unawhere he had done this.imagine my surprise when i received this,now,beautifully restored watch,keeping excellent time and working perfectly,including the hacking complication,[a common fault on these].

I find all of this completely overwhelming,especially when you consider Slava and his family are going through all of the worrying upheavals in Ukraine and all of the personal uncertainties this entails.

I will treasure the watch.Thanks once again Slava.