Thursday, 27 February 2014

Extremely Rare Military Vostok Precision Cal;2809A Received.


This watch is extremely rare.I have enclosed a period cat` page from 1968 showing the watch.
It has the Correct Vostok 2809 A movement installed.

I never actually thought i would ever add this rarest of the Vostok precisions,to my collection.
It was for sale on e.bay U.K,of all places,it went for a ridiculously low price,most undervalued.
The extremely honest seller/collector,had shown excellent pictures,i can only assume the other bidders out there had not done there homework and thought it was a Franken [Fake].

I have only seen this type a hand full of times on the Russian forum,[the best and most knowledgeable forum].

The seller advertised it as having military connections,and there is anecdotal evidence that it could have been military issue.
Great Result.


  1. Very cool. I would have dismissed it too.

  2. Hello Ralf,
    Lovely to hear from you.
    Yes,i was very lucky,i have been concentrating on some of the secondary calibres,and doing a bit of research.
    This particular watch turned up,a couple of days after i had seen the cat` Illustration,so as i say,very lucky.