Thursday, 30 January 2014

Franken Of The Week. 17j Sturmanskie Gagarin.

After a few requests,have decided to do a few more "Frankens Of The Week".
I have seen a few of these Imitation 17j Sturmanskies appearing on e.bay.
Biggest give away,Dial.look at the font used for Sturmanskie.The letters should follow an upright stance,and not curve round,as they do on this dial.
And of course the hands,although the correct shape,are not blued,they have been painted black.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Raketa Ultra Thin Cal;2209 in beautifull condition.

Just received this Raketa cal;2209 in beautifull conditionI have said many times before,how much i love these quirky Raketa`s.I will upload a picture of the movement when time permits.
Keps exceptional time.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

15j And 17j Shturmanskie [Gagarin] Comparison.

Just thought i would carry out a basic comparison,between the 15j and 17j Sturmanskies,though in no way a definitive exercise, just an attempt by me,to try to dispel,some of the more common,preconceptions.

In the first picture,the watches are at an odd angle,this is to try to capture the blued steel hands that should be present on both watches.Note the different style of hands,common to each example.Also note the length of the minute and seconds hands on both watches,they should both comfortably sit inside the outer seconds marker on the dial.In most Frankens i have seen,the minute and seconds hands always seem to be short[sign of a redial].Another common giveaway,is the font used on the fake dials,for the individual letters used in the word,Sturmanskie,curve around in an arc,instead of standing on an upright plane.[See picture below,marked FAKE].

All 17j versions have a flat painted dial. the 15j versions have a sparkly  type dial, when viewed under certain light. Difficult to photograph. Just to make it slightly more awkward.....the early 15j. [1949/50] Had flat non sparkly dials.


In the second picture you can see the 17j version,is very slightly thicker, [the case is common to Sportyvnie] note different crown,particularly pillow type on 15j. Although the case sizes are the same,note,the the movement on the 15j ,when dismounted,comes out through the top of the case.The 17j comes out through the bottom.

In the 3rd picture ,note the different case backs,the 15j,has a rounded snap on case back,the 17j has a screw on,[common to Sportyvnie].

The 4th picture shows the movements,both are hacking,[the large central seconds hand stops when you pull the crown out].The 17j is basically again a Sportyvnie movement,this type of dial and hand configuration,should never have a 15j version installed.
Note the 15j version,has plain spring ratchet wheel,there should be a date code on the movement,between 1-49 and 4-53.the serial number should consist of 5 digits.The jewel settings are recessed in top plate,as opposite to 15j Pobeda,[often used in Frankens].The 15j version should never have the 17j hand configuration

As i say,whilst this is not a definitive study,all of these basic points taken together,should help the novice collector decide between the more obvious fakes.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Restored Poljot Automatic Cal;2415 with inscription. Finished

Have just finished restoring this classic Poljot Cal;2415 Automatic,manufactured in the late 60`s.My favourite period,for Poljot dress watches.
I still have a few spares laying about,and ,indeed,this movement and dial have been laying ,forgotten,in my bureau,for some years,[it was only a request for spares from a fellow collector,that allowed me to find it again].
I was recently able to source some old crowns,enabling me to finish this lovely watch off.
As you would expect,from the underrated cal;2415,the watch keeps excellent time.
You will note the watch comes with a charming original inscription on the back,which is an added bonus.