Saturday, 12 October 2013

17j Sturmanskie Military style strap Fitted

Just fitted the military style strap to the 17j Sturmanskie,[i don't like bunds].Purchased from David,at ,as ever beautifully hand made.
Follow the link,in my favourite watch links section.
I have been wearing the watch for the last couple of days,keeps remarkably accurate time.


  1. Hi Russ:
    That is a nice strap on the 17j. Do you have any information pertaining to what original straps would have looked like? One of your watches is in a box without a strap. Is this how they were given to graduates?

  2. Hello Kurt,

    Thank you for your interest.
    The most common type of strap would have been the "bund,
    Although there is some evidence that the Russians had there own version of the legnthened military type strap that i have had made for the 17j.

    These watches are rare to find with original box,papers and particularly straps.
    I have seen watches, in there original boxes, with old Bund style straps,hard to know if they were issued thus.
    All the evidence seems to point to the watches being issued straight from 1st MWF,to the flight schools,,holding them in place inside the box with the usual flimsy paper/cardboard temp` straps.One is pictured in the box,[Tan colour].

    After issue all types of straps would have been used,including home made.

    Best Regards,