Saturday, 12 October 2013

17j Sturmanskie Military style strap Fitted

Just fitted the military style strap to the 17j Sturmanskie,[i don't like bunds].Purchased from David,at ,as ever beautifully hand made.
Follow the link,in my favourite watch links section.
I have been wearing the watch for the last couple of days,keeps remarkably accurate time.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

New Addition To Favourite Watch Links

Just Updated my Favourite Watch links section,with a great site.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Extremely Rare Original 1st Mwf 17j Sturmanskie [Gagarin] With Original Box And Papers.

Just received this Extremely Rare 17j Sturmanskie Hacking,with its original box and paperwork.
I bought this watch from a trusted seller,with whom i have had many happy dealings.
These watches are very rare,especially in there original state,and with paperwork,even rarer.
In fact they are much more rare than the original 15j version.
You often find fakes.
It is also common to find watches made up of Sportivnies,[case and movement],and sadly dials from 15j Sturmanskies,that have been butchered,[filed down at the edges],as the 17j version has a smaller dial area than the 15j,so always look carefully at the outer second ring.[The 15j dial and movement lift out through the top,the 17j through the bottom].
As you can also,[hopefully],see the original 17j version has blued hands,like the 15j,though a different shape.
I did not get the chance to take a movement shot,[will do later]the movement number matches the paperwork.
I have ordered a handmade military type strap,the same as my 15j version,to compliment it.
As you would expect,it keeps perfect time.
Some experts think this is the version that Gagarin wore into outer space,as opposed to the 15j.
A pleasure to own.