Friday, 27 September 2013

Extremely Rare Early Cyrillic 20m Poljot 30j Amphibia received.

Just received this extremely rare early Cyrillic Poljot 30j Automatic Amphibia,from a trusted and respected seller..
Everything about this watch is "right".
As opposed to a couple on e.bay at the moment,[redials at the very least].
This watch would have been one of the very first Poljot Amphibias produced.
As can be seen from the dial these early amphibias suffered from  ageing,but the dial was one of the attractions to me,with its original lume and rather battered condition,it has the "look".
I have included a couple of the sellers pictures,i just could not capture the Cyrillic dial script as well.
These particular versions have a rare caseback as well.
It has a 30j cal2616 installed,which has a reputation for being a bit fragile,although this one is running effortlessly.
A feature on this particular Poljot Amphibian,is the fact that it has a screw down crown,i have never encountered this on a Poljot Amphibia before,the crown normally relies on a system of gaskets,[which are not very good].
The watch is on a temporary strap.
I feel very lucky to have received this original Poljot Amphibia,I think it is a one off.

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