Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rare Early Cyrillic Volna Precision Cal;2809 Received

Just received this rare early Volna precision,this particular dial type,does suffer from premature ageing,this one is in excellent condition.Keeps great time,has its original gold plated Volna signed movement.As ever these watches are extremely good value at the moment.

Monday, 19 August 2013

New Addition To Favourite Links Section

Just updated favourite Links section with Hans excellent collection ;

Rare Cyrillic 1st MWF [Poljot] Vymple [Pennant] Ultra Thin Cal;2209 Received.

One of my favourite Russian watches,an original 23j Cal ;2209 1st MWF Vymple [Pennant].
This beautiful watch is one of the for runners,[i have another with different dial design,see Poljot and Luch ultra thin heading],of all the lovely Luch and poljot ultrathins that pop up from time to time,normally scandalously under priced,[probably,because they are extremely taste full,and not the size of a small latin american country]..
This rare watch is in quite excellent condition,normally the dials suffer premature ageing,this one is very good with just small signs of ageing.
The watch keeps excellent time and has its original 1st MWF Movement,[not always the case with these,when you consider it was made in the 60`s],case again is original.
I bought this watch of a trusted seller from Armenia,i was very surprised when i stumbled upon it,it was a quarter of the price of other Vymples on e.bay,i am very puzzled why it had not been bought,an absolute bargain,and delivered with in a week.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pobeda 15j Arrives with a lovely surprise gift.

I am always on the lookout for these early "military"Pobedas,[weather they were military is open to question],i have another two,under rhe 15j Sturmanskie section.
This Pobeda has the 1stt MWF cal;2608 15j from about the 50`s.
This one still has its Pillow crown,Parts from these watches are often used to make franken 15j Sturmanskies.
These movements do not hack,unlike the 15j Sturmanskies.
I bought this watch off a fellow knowledgable collector and friend,Martin,who has a nice collection himself.
He very kindly enclosed an Poljot with early Poljot serif,You often see these watches on e.bay,99% of the time they have been redialled.This one is totally original.
Thank You Martin.

Cyrillic Vostok Precision Cal;2089 Added

Just received this lovely Cyrillic Vostok Precision,in excellent condition,both case and dial,[this particular dial type,does suffer from ageing],there are a lot in poor condition out there.
As you would expect keeps excellent time.
It is also reassuring to note it has the correct case style.
This is another Russian watch that was ridiculously cheap,another example of an underrated Russian watch calibre.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rare Luch Ultra Thin Cal;2209.[100 years of Lenin] Commemorative watch

Firstly apologies for the less than great pictures,after many years my basic Fuji Digital camera has given up the ghost,and i am trying to get the hang of its "easy to use" replacement,with varied results.
Just taken delivery of this rare Luch ultra thin commemorative watch.
Would have been made in the early 70`s.
The condition is excellent,some ware to the dial,keeps great time,and as usual with these underated cal;2209 watches look great on the wrist.