Sunday, 28 July 2013

KMZ K750 [DNEPR] Nearly complete.

Rough and ready video of latest update,i am new to this video uploading.
Still some more jobs to do ,front brake plus inner lever,and tuning,[it started first time!]will put a futher video up later,when bike complete.If there is any intrusive noise,i had to compete with a childrens party next door.


  1. Russ,

    That is a great looking bike! Have you had a ride yet?


  2. Hello Aditya,great to hear from you.
    Many thanks for the kind comments.
    No,unfortunately,i still have to finish a few bits off,like the brakes!.I have just not had the time, with work commitments,i hope to have a ride,late weekend,
    I aim to get my wife to take a video,at least then i have a witness to any injuries....Ha Ha.
    Best Regards,