Sunday, 3 March 2013

N.O.S. Cal;54604. Slava 60 Second Split Chronograph Received

Just received this extremely rare N.O.S Slava [2nd MWF],split second Chronograph,from a very Pleasant seller from Germany.
These Slava 60 second chronographs,as apart from the 30 second,are extremely rare,[i already have one],i have only seen three other examples for sale,over the last five years.
It has a calibre 54604 installed,it also has a production date of 4q 1980 stamped on inside of case back.
Very pleased with this purchase,i have always had a soft spot for these Slavas,i use them all of the time for bidding on e.bay,[i know,slightly sad],i really did not think i would get,or see another,or indeed be able to afford one.
You can find some gems on German e.bay and some very nice sellers.

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