Saturday, 30 March 2013

Rare Vostok Cal;2809 Precision Textured Dial

Just received this Lovely Rare Vostok precision with textured dial,[thank you Viktor].As you can see from the following sellers pictures,i have added a correct central seconds hand and crown i had spare.
The watch is in excellent condition,unusually it has no loss to the case gold plating,the rare dial is in very good condition,as you would expect,keeps excellent time.
The Vostok precisions are one of my favourite Russian watch Calibers,you can still pick them up for a very reasonable price,as this was.
As i have said this dial type is extremely uncommon,i have only seen a couple of other examples for sale over many years.
The pictures below are the sellers,before i replaced hand and crown.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

N.O.S Vostok 200m Amphibian "Yuri Gagarin"

I have been looking for one of these original Vostok Amphibian Commemorative "Yuri Gagarins",for some time.
This watch would have been made in the early 90`s,as you can see it is completely N.O.S,with its original box and paperwork.
You can see lots of copies ,or "later versions",of this watch on e.bay at the moment,they are in know way,as good as this original.
I have always been interested in anything connected to Gagarin,all be it tenuously,very pleased with this example.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Extremely Rare 300m Cyrillic Vostok Amphibian Wire lugs Received

As i have said before,i have no intention of building the collection,as it once was,but,i am looking for a select few of my personal favourite Russian watches.
The Vostok 300m Amphibian,would be one of the watches at the top,obviously very rare,but a great watch,easy to wear and easy to see.
I bought the watch from a trusted seller,[thank you Slava],who has supplied me with excellent quality watches before.I was actually worried for some time,because the British Post office,decided to lose it at Heathrow Airport,luckily,after many desperate e.mails from me,they finally "found" it.
The pictures above are a mixture of mine,with new strap,and the sellers.
The watch is in exceptional,original condition,with that lovely handmade jewel of a dial,great baton hands,and exceptionally heavy case back,with 22mm wire lugs,keeps great time.
These watches are hard to find,[there are a few Frankens,starting to surface],possibly military issue,possibly only 200 made.
Very pleased with it.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Rare Vostok Precision,Cal`;2809 Added

Just received this Vostok Precision cal;2809.The watch is in excellent condition.
This particular precision,has a dial configuration,i have not seen before.
After some consideration,and research,i have decided it is indeed genuine,and some what rare.
I have not included pictures of the movement,as the micro regulator is damaged,a fact known to me,will include when i have effected a repair.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

N.O.S. Cal;54604. Slava 60 Second Split Chronograph Received

Just received this extremely rare N.O.S Slava [2nd MWF],split second Chronograph,from a very Pleasant seller from Germany.
These Slava 60 second chronographs,as apart from the 30 second,are extremely rare,[i already have one],i have only seen three other examples for sale,over the last five years.
It has a calibre 54604 installed,it also has a production date of 4q 1980 stamped on inside of case back.
Very pleased with this purchase,i have always had a soft spot for these Slavas,i use them all of the time for bidding on e.bay,[i know,slightly sad],i really did not think i would get,or see another,or indeed be able to afford one.
You can find some gems on German e.bay and some very nice sellers.