Sunday, 17 February 2013

1st MWF Okeah Chronograph Added

I am afraid i could not resist this Okeah,it was bought off a trusted seller in Ukraine.[I am also afraid,i have  comprehensively broken my self imposed budget!].It is in very good condition,keeps excellent time,all functions work perfectly,[unfortunately,not a usual occurrence,as these watches do tend to suffer from a very hard life].

The movement is a nice early,correct,two piece reset lever movement,with an early movement number.

One unusual aspect of this watch,was,the normal insignia on the back,had been polished off,[you could still see the imprint on the inside of the caseback.Fortunately i had a spare,which you can now see fitted in the last picture.

The watch is original,apart from,the crown that adjusts the inner bezel,which,as is quite common,has been replaced,due to wear,i have an original spare,and will be swapping this out in due course.

I have paired it with a quality tan strap,which i think suites it well.

Although i will never get to the quantity of watches i had before sell off,i am still looking for rare,and more importantly,rare iconic Russian watches i actually liked.

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